Thursday, April 1, 2010

Targeting in Saturn Six

I read a lot of complaints on the official forums about the stock targeting reticule, especially for heavy weapon classes (Dreadnought, Wrecker) and ranged nukers (Seeker). Well, a lot of people don't know that the game's UI allows you to mod your reticule! For those who've never tried it, it's as simple as taking one of the addon packages below and copying it into your Addons\Reticule\ folder. I've picked four of the best and I'll give you a brief description of each.


MaxAxx replaces the stock reticule with one that scales in size depending on your Accuracy scores, helping you effectively determine bullet spread. Its one drawback is really due to the limitations of the modding system -- it doesn't scale in combat, so it won't take temporary Accuracy bonuses (like Dead Aim) into consideration.


ReadyRetiGo is a really cool addon -- it places floating mini-reticules over mobs close to the one you're targeting for easy switching if the situation calls for it. It doesn't allow for auto-switching, of course, but it does help you aim for center of mass, which is especially helpful for status effect-based classes like the Disruptor.


This one is pretty neat. It messes with your graphics settings to draw reticules before you can see the mobs themselves. Very handy for fights against LD mobs like snipers and demos.

UN Inspecticule

UNI is very useful for groups. It'll place a mark above any mob carrying heavy weapons, making it far easier to focus fire before they can unload a few salvos of heavy explosives into your squad. It can be adjusted to check for alien weapons, too, if you're using Frag Shield instead of EMP Barrier with your Support class.